Daily Boost Juices thebrandingshop January 21, 2021
Product & Brand Design
Food and drink

Daily Boost started as a tiny project in a home kitchen for friends & family. When we met them & tried their product we knew it was time to build them an entire brand that could stand up in a global, online marketplace! 

Fresh fruit juice

A wonderful mix of energy and protein

Health food products may be one of the most competitive, brand-intensive modern products in the world! We knew we were going to have to knock this one out of the park & that’s exactly what we did. We developed  their entire visual presence from logo to individual products.

Bright, balanced blend creates a new standard

Only the natural stuff period​

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I love the smell of juice boxes in morning

trendy pop culture references like this are a prime example of the Daily Boost identity. Keeping it clean & clever.

We could make orange juice in the orange

There are a ton of cheaper options for juice out there. We need to focus on what makes us better: being fresh, clean & natural.