DJ Persist thebrandingshop August 20, 2022

Dj Persist

Professional sounds for your wedding corporate event, birthdays and other special events.

DJ Persist offers DJ services for special events. Specializing in Latino events such as Weddings, Quinceñeras, Proms, Birthday Parties, etc. Dj Persist can rock any dance floor with an impressive collection of cocktail, dinner and dancing music, you can customize to suit your special event.


Persist needed to update its online presence and promotional materials

Persist required a polished website, In order to stay appealing to the nuptial-minded demographic, Persist was required to revitalize its website and revamp its promotional resources.

Features & Services Provided


Brand new website redesign, App development and SEO Optimization.

The implementation of a website re-design and revamp of promotional resources is essential for the successful resolution. This process involved an assessment of existing marketing materials to ensure that they were effective in conveying the desired message, and if necessary, making appropriate modifications to enhance their efficacy. Furthermore, it needed the reconfiguration of webpages to increase user experience, improve navigation within the site, and ensure that the content was up-to-date.

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