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Prestige Renovations

Prestige Renovations Services Inc, is one of Chicago’s leading general contractor and construction company.

The company is an experienced full service residential custom home builder and commercial general contractor servicing the Chicago land area. Providing full general contracting and construction management services.


Prestige Renovations needed a website that demonstrated the skills, professionalism and dedication of their work.

Prestige Renovations sought to align the digital representation of their services with the quality and craftsmanship of their work. This necessitated a website that was capable of providing a comprehensive overview of their services, while also conveying a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. To this end, it was essential that the website be designed in such a way as to demonstrate Prestige Renovations’ commitment to delivering high-quality construction work.

Features & Services Provided

• Website Design & Strategy
• On-site (SEO) Search Engine Optimization


A comprehensive website re-design and strategy

The Solutions was a comprehensive project that combined aspects of website re-design and strategy. This endeavour entailed an analysis of the existing website structure and content, followed by the implementation of newly crafted design elements and strategies. Through this process, the aim was to create an improved user experience that would facilitate better engagement with customers, while also promoting the overall brand identity. The outcome was a successful website re-design which integrated innovative design elements as well as a strategically devised plan for effective online presence.

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